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Cleaning up after a storm causes damage to your business

There can be a thousand reasons for a flood to happen in a commercial building. In most storm situations, there will be roof damage or flooding from the ground.... READ MORE

Second floor bathtub leak causes rain to fall in kitchen.

A leaking bathtub on the second floor can cause major problems on the first floor. It started raining in the kitchen after the bathtub upstairs started leaking.... READ MORE

how does drying equipment help?

After a home or business has had a broken supply line or other water intrusion it will migrate and move as far as it can go. The migration is helped by the buil... READ MORE

What to do after a pipe breaks?

SERVPRO of Englewood/East Littleton can help you when a pipe bursts. Here are some easy steps to follow when you experience this issue.1. Turn off the water to... READ MORE

Our team is dedicated to restoring your property.

The definition of mitigation is "to lessen," in our case mitigation lessens damage. Insurance companies require property owners to mitigate losses quickly. Here... READ MORE

Why should SERVPRO be my first call?

SERVPRO of Englewood/East Littleton can help guide you to maintain your clients during a flood. A flood can can create a big mess for your commercial building. ... READ MORE