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How Often Should You Clean Out Your Dryer Vent?

8/31/2022 (Permalink)

Vacuum cleaning a flexible aluminum dryer vent hose, to remove lint and prevent fire hazard. Vacuum out the vent carefully, going as far into the vent as you can

To avoid a lint fire in your clothes dryer, you must clean the lint filter after each use. The dryer vent should also be cleaned at least once a year to significantly reduce the risk of a dryer fire in your Greenwood Village, CO home.

Steps To Follow When Cleaning the Dryer Vent

It's important to mention that if you don't have a lot of mechanical ability or physical strength, you should have a professional do the job to avoid costly fire damage repairs.

  • Unplug the dryer and carefully pull it away from the wall.
  • There is a tube connecting your dryer with the dryer vent in the wall. Carefully disconnect the tube using a screwdriver. Different dryer models require different types of screwdrivers.
  • Using your vacuum's nozzle attachment, vacuum out the vent carefully, going as far into the vent as you can. Thoroughly vacuum out the tube as well.
  • Reattach all of the components and push the dryer back into place. Plug the dryer back into the wall socket.

Ways To Keep the Dryer Vent Clean
In addition to cleaning out the dryer vent each year, you can reduce the amount of dirt and lint that works its way into the vent by following a simple routine. This will also reduce the risk of a lint fire.

Keep the floor that surrounds the dryer clean. Sweep up lint and debris after each use.
Dryer sheets can coat the dryer vent, causing lint to build up more easily. You don't need to totally eliminate the use of dryer sheets, but try to limit using them on clothes that create the most static, such as wool socks and polyester materials.
Dry your clothes in the least amount of time needed to get them dry. Cycles of 30 to 40 minutes will allow for better air circulation than longer cycles.

Avoid a costly lint fire in your dryer by following these simple steps.

What Should I Throw Away After a Fire?

5/23/2022 (Permalink)

Melted cosmetics Cosmetics damaged by fire need to be discarded.

After a Fire, What Should I Throw Away?

After you've had a fire in your Greenwood Village, CO, home, many of your belongings can be damaged by smoke, water and heat. Some items may be obviously ruined, but you might be wondering whether to throw away other things that don't have visible signs of damage. You should still discard certain household items after a fire for safety reasons.

Room-Temperature Perishable Food
It's possible to save refrigerated food after a home fire. If the refrigerator stayed tightly closed and did not sustain fire damage, the food inside should be safe for about four hours without power.
Check inside an intact refrigerator and evaluate the condition of the interior. Discard any food that:

  • Has a strange smell or color before or after preparation
  • Was above 40 degrees for more than 2 hours
  • Was frozen but no longer has ice crystals in it
  • Has the smell or appearance of smoke

Damaged Nonperishable Food
While cans of food may remain intact after a fire, it's best to throw away anything that was near the flames. High heat can cause the food inside to spoil or taste bad, and fumes can penetrate sealed cans or glass containers. Any food with apparent signs of damage or exposure, like rusted and bulging cans or containers covered in extinguisher dust, should be discarded immediately.

Cosmetics and Medicine
It may be hard to discard expensive medications, but if they show any signs of fire damage, it's safest to get rid of them. Call your doctor right away if you need to replace prescription medication. Inspect cosmetic packages for signs of exposure to high heat, like warped packaging or a smoke smell.
A professional fire restoration company can help you sort your belongings and determine what is salvageable and what should be discarded. When it comes to consumable items, it's best to err on the side of caution when deciding what to throw away after a fire in Greenwood Village, CO.

Repairing Smoke-Damaged Contents

5/21/2022 (Permalink)

Pile of documents damaged by fire Business documents and other contents are very important for the survival of the business.

Content Cleaning After a Fire

If your Littleton, CO, business is damaged in a fire, you have more than the structure to worry about. Unfortunately, the materials in the building are also likely to be damaged. An experienced restoration service can help you with content cleaning and repair. Although dry-cleaning is one of the most common methods, there are a variety of options available.

Your business likely has a mix of porous and non-porous items that must be cleaned after a fire. Some items will be covered in soot, and others may have water damage from the extinguishing efforts. The specific approach should be tailored to the individual item, but some common techniques include:

  • Dry-cleaning
  • Abrasive cleaning
  • Immersion cleaning
  • Foam cleaning

The faster cleanup begins, the less likely the items are to suffer permanent damage. Mold growth can begin within 24 hours when an item is wet, so it is important to start the cleanup process as quickly as possible.

Repairing and Replacing
Unfortunately, dry-cleaning and other cleaning techniques are not enough for some items. These objects require more intensive restoration methods, such as replacing damaged parts and re-covering surfaces. Other items are not salvageable and must be replaced. Professionals can help you determine what can be repaired and what needs to be thrown away.

A good restoration company will provide content storage along with cleaning services. Storing items off-site allows more room at the building for big cleanup jobs and structural repairs. Climate-controlled storage is an ideal solution for the contents of your commercial building. Make sure you feel comfortable with the storage area before your belongings are moved. Ask about retrieval policies and what happens if your items are damaged at the storage location.
Business documents and other contents are very important for the survival of the business. If these items are damaged in a fire, the results can be catastrophic. Fortunately, the technology exists to restore many of these items to preloss condition.

Tips for Getting an Accurate Restoration Estimate

3/24/2022 (Permalink)

inside of a building completely burned Severe fire damage in Englewood, CO.

How to Get a Reliable Restoration Estimate

After your commercial building has been affected by fire, how much will it cost to have affected areas repaired and reconstructed? You need to act fast in obtaining fire damage restoration services if you want the best results. With this in mind, some of the most important things you can do are getting an estimate concerning reconstruction costs and contacting your insurance company.

Your First Course of Action

There are four steps to restoring your property after a commercial fire.

  1. Contact emergency professionals, from the fire department to fire damage remediation experts.
  2. Apply tarps to seal the holes in the roof or walls.
  3. Assess the extent of the damages throughout your property.
  4. Cleanup and rebuild the damaged building.

An estimate is generally provided during the assessment step. The detailed document should include all of the services and work expected. A coordinator will keep a file on the job, communicating with insurance professionals, and other officials who may be involved.

Work Closely With Project Managers

Most of the work in coming up with an estimated cost of recovery is completed by the damage remediation professionals, but there are some steps you can take to increase the accuracy of that approximation:

Keep clear records and store documents where they can be accessed easily.
Take pictures and write notes describing the damage.
Communicate often and clearly with remediation professionals.
Designate one person from your company to act as a liaison with all other professionals.

Project managers from the remediation company may contact you often to discuss what needs to be cleaned, removed, replaced, repaired, or completely rebuilt. These experts are the people most likely to provide the quotes you need to move forward with recovering from the fire.

Get Quotes Quickly

How much can you expect to pay when recovering from a commercial fire in Englewood, CO? For quick, accurate results, work closely with your insurance agents and your restoration company, maintain organized records, and keep clear lines of communication open.

What Happens During the Fire Cleanup Process

2/21/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage in a home If you experience a fire or water loss, our team is always ready to go. 24/7, 365 days a year! Call SERVPRO, we are faster to any size disaster

What Happens During the Fire Extinguishing Procedure?

If your Englewood, CO, home has been damaged by a fire, contacting a remediation service is a good idea. They can professionally remove fire and smoke damage from your home and help get everything back to the way it was before the incident. One crucial part of restoring your house is cleaning up your home and any damaged belongings.

1. Removing Soot From Your Home

The first part of the cleanup process will be removing any soot from your home. Soot consists of carbon particles that are created during a fire and will likely cover walls, floors and items near where the fire occurred. A fire restoration service will be able to clean and remove the soot damage from the structure of your home.

2. Cleaning Your Belongings

Some of your belongings may have fire damage that makes it difficult to save or restore them, but others might only have smoke damage that can be removed. Any items that can be salvaged will be cleaned during the restoration process to return them to the condition they were in before the fire.

3. Removing Smoke Odor From Your Home

Once all of the soot has been removed from the home and your belongings have been restored, smoke cleaning will be performed to remove any remaining odors. Smoke has a strong smell that can linger in your home after a fire, but fogging equipment and industrial air scrubbers can be used to get your home smelling clean again.

After a fire, it is important that you call a professional service to perform the cleanup process for you. Depending on the size of the fire, there can be quite a bit of smoke damage that can be difficult for you to remove on your own. A fire restoration company will have the proper training and equipment to return your home to its prior condition.

Residential Fire Restoration

12/23/2021 (Permalink)

House on flames. It's important to work with a fire restoration company to minimize losses.

House fires can break out without notice, causing alarms to sound and sending families outside to safety. Fires spread quickly and can completely destroy a home in minutes. Even when firefighters have successfully eliminated the fire, it can still have lasting effects such as a lingering smoke odor, water damage and fire damage such as soot in the air. Many homeowners are left cleaning soot from walls for months after the fire has been extinguished.

Common Causes of House Fires

A residential fire can start for numerous reasons, such as a grease fire in the kitchen or a space heater igniting a curtain. Lit cigarettes left unattended may fall to the floor and start a fire on the carpet, and candles may sit too close to a combustible material and lead to a raging fire. Residents may still have a smoke-damaged home even if they catch the fire in the time since smoke particulates can seep into cloth fibers and wood.

Fire Restoration for a Smoke Damaged Home

When fire damage has occurred, it's important to work with a fire restoration company to minimize losses. Ozone and thermal fogging are specialized techniques for removing a lingering smoke odor, as well as the use of HEPA filters and air-filtration devices to clean the air. A fire restoration company will also clean the affected items off-site while cleaning soot from walls and deodorizing the entire home.

What Lightning Strikes Can Do To Your Home

10/18/2021 (Permalink)

A fire damage in a living room A large fire did the damage you see in this picture, but SERVPRO was able to repair the damage and make it "Like it never even happened."

What Lightning Can Do To Your House

Many people view a crazy, thunderous storm as something to admire and enjoy in Littleton, CO. However, the effects of a lightning strike on your home can create significant hazardous situations, potentially leading to a lightning fire, structural or electrical damage and more. Here are a variety of ways that a powerful strike and ensuing storm can cause problems for your home and your family’s safety, and how to address these issues should they occur.

  • Fire danger is the most common result of a formidable strike on your home. Given that strikes are most likely to hit the roof, a potential lightning fire breaking out on the roof or in the attic space becomes far more likely than in any other area of the home. However, lightning can target wiring and pipes as well, igniting your interior systems and creating a widespread household fire risk. If a strike has hit your residence, calling the fire department immediately is crucial to handling any potential fire dangers.
  • If a strike does hit any of the electrical wiring, a power surge can be set off throughout the home. This explosive event can cause appliance damage, potentially starting a house fire. If a powerful storm warning is announced, take early precautions by unplugging your appliances and technological devices. Meanwhile, using surge protectors in your electrical outlets can help your home avoid damage, as well.
  • The shock waves produced by massive strikes can lead to structural or foundational problems. A shock wave can fracture brickwork, stone masonry and concrete, leaving a major impact on your home’s structural supports. Once the storm has passed, inspect your home and call professionals should you find any cracks in your walls or foundation.

While witnessing the power of Mother Nature in Littleton, CO, can be awe-inspiring, the potential for a massive storm to cause a lightning fire is a considerable threat. Learning about the dangers and preventing hazards can be crucial to getting back to normal after an immense weather event.

What To Know About Professional Fire Restoration

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

Collapsed ceiling from fire destruction House damaged by fire in Greenwood Village, CO.

Professional Fire Restoration

In case of a house fire, you do not want to handle the restoration alone. A professional service is more equipped to handle the smoke cleaning and restoration process. If you are on the fence, however, here is what professionals can help you to do after a fire.

1. Inspect Building

A professional should always inspect a building for fire and smoke damage. They can give you the best estimate on what to do to repair your home or business. In addition, professionals give you more peace of mind that they will perform every step properly.

2. Remove Items

Item removal is one of the most important steps of the process. Fire can damage items and furniture beyond repair. Your contractors are usually able to go through your items with you and assess soot damage. They help you decide what to clean and what to throw out. The same goes for key components of your home, such as walls and flooring.

3. Repair Structure

The final step is to start the restoration of the building. This usually entails the cleaning of all soot. The professionals may use a variety of air filters or fans to clean the air and help with the circulation of airflow. This helps remove some of the smoke odor. However, for contractors to get rid of the smell entirely, they must take care of the source. Smoke cleaning often involves the repair of anything that suffered smoke damage. After, restoration of the building can finally begin. Not only can workers finish the cleanup, but they can also begin to repair the structure.

After a house fire in Greenwood Village, CO, there is already a lot of stress on you and your loved ones. To have a professional at your side to help you through the restoration process is invaluable. It takes away some of the pressure when cleaning up smoke damage.

3 Awesome Alternatives to Candles

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

Candle warmer Continue to enjoy candles without lighting the wicks by using a candle warmer.

3 Fantastic Candle Substitutes

The power of a scent is indisputable, some aromas relax you while others transport you to another time and place. As you light a scented candle at your home in Southglenn, CO you wonder if the benefits of a lit candle outweigh the fire hazards it poses. Candle fires are a common cause of fire damage in homes, especially around the holidays when candles are commonplace. When homeowners leave candles unattended or in close proximity to towels, curtains or other fabrics the risk of fire increases further. Consider these three candle alternatives to safely enjoy a fragrant home all year round.

1. Battery Operated

There are a wide variety of flameless candles powered by batteries. Some appear physically identical to candles, which is an excellent choice if you enjoy the visual appeal of candlelight. Others use scented wax to provide the olfactory sensation you desire. For an original look, there are battery-powered bases with scented decorative shades as well.

2. Warmers

Continue to enjoy candles without lighting the wicks by using a candle warmer. A lamp light over the candle melts the wax and disperses the scent through your home. Other candle alternatives include oil warmers, which releases fragrances through a battery or electrical source heating scented oil. Wax warmers are similar, by which a heated foundation melts scented wax.

3. Diffusers

Another flameless option is to diffuse a scent, such as by placing reeds in a base of aromatic oil. There are also many choices of battery or electrical water diffusers to use with any essential oil you desire.

You do not need to sacrifice your favorite scent or aesthetic for safety when you choose candle alternatives for your home in Southglenn, CO. If you do use a candle, never leave it unattended or place it too close to flammable materials. Should a candle fire occur, immediately leave the house and call 911. Contact a fire restoration specialist and your homeowner’s insurance company to begin the process of restoring your home.

3 Fire Safety Steps for Kids

7/5/2021 (Permalink)

Young mixed race woman in white dress crawls on ground by trees destroyed by wildfire while covered in ashes The most common fire escape tactic involves crawling on all fours.

How Can Kids Be Safe In a Fire?

Fire drills and field trips to the fire department are just the beginning when it comes to teaching kids safety methods in case of a fire. Instructions on escaping a dangerous situation at home are equally important. Let your children know that the safety precautions don't end at school by introducing them to the following three safety tips.

1. Learn About Smoke Alarms

It's never a bad idea to teach kids about the safety equipment itself. Inform your children that a smoke detector is more than a small object fitted to the ceiling; its alarm signal could be the first sign of a home fire. Even with no alarm sounding, it's vital that all family members know to escape the area immediately when any signs of a fire are present.

2. Crawl on the Floor

The most common fire escape tactic involves crawling on all fours. Teach younger family members to drop their forearms to the ground, imitating a dog; then have them practice crawling with noses pointed to the floor. Heat and smoke rise, so the lower you crawl, the more you can protect yourself from danger.

3. Roll Out of Bed

Along with the previous step, it is important that you add a discussion on dangerous temperatures to your kids' safety checklist. During a fire, temperatures at the level of your child's bed should be cooler than those near the ceiling, so you want children to keep as close to these lower levels as possible. Instruct them to roll in the bed until they face the floor. Then they can place their hand down to the floor for support, sliding off the bed safely.

Planning to escape from a home fire in Englewood, CO is scary enough on its own, but when children are part of the picture it becomes all the more crucial. Teaching kids safety steps can seem like the biggest challenge in the world, but when everyone is on the same page with safety measures, the whole family can be better prepared in case of an emergency.

How Will Professionals Clean Up After a Fire?

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

Insulation all over a living room, due to fire damage caused in a home Fire damage in Englewood, CO.

Cleaning Up After a Fire

A fire can significantly degrade any home in Englewood, CO. There will be smoke damage as well as soot damage that needs to be addressed immediately. To ensure the smoke cleaning goes smoothly, you will want to hire a professional team. There may be certain things you can do on your own, but to guarantee the best results, you need to bring on an experienced, skilled team.

Professionals will follow the following steps to clean up after a fire: 

  1. Clean Up Smoke Odor

One of the most persistent aspects of fire damage is the odor left behind. The professionals will probably use tri-sodium phosphate to eliminate certain smells. This is a dangerous substance, so you do not want to use it yourself.

The experts will look at all your belongings, from furniture to clothing. The professionals will need to remove all the smoke and soot from the walls. This may require removal of the drywall entirely. At first, experts will try to address the smoke damage by washing the walls first. Wallpaper may need to be tossed away.

  1. Address Water Damage

Depending on the extent of the fire, you may have related water damage, too. The fire can damage pipes, resulting in flooding. If the fire was severe, then firefighters may have needed to use a hose, and the water can damage various areas of a home. This water will also need to be removed promptly before mold and mildew grow. The water may also necessitate removal of drywall.

  1. Anticipate Future Damage

Once you are in the clear this time, you need to anticipate for any potential fire damage in the future. Make sure your smoke alarms are up to code. You can also invest in furnishings and building materials that are resistant against flames.

Before you know it, your house will be habitable once again. Address smoke damage as soon as you can. The longer you allow it to sit, the harder it will be to remedy.

How To Create a House Fire Evacuation Plan

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

Map of a house and escape routes Draw a floor plan.

Creating A Fire Escape Plan For Your Household

A home fire can begin at any time, anywhere in your Englewood, CO, home, so fire preparation is critical. Creating a fire escape plan for your household is simple yet could be a lifesaver in the event of a disaster.

1. Draw a Floor Plan
Draw a floor plan of each of your home's floors. The drawings must include every window and door of the house. You also need to identify and label two ways out of each room.

2. Agree on a Meeting Area
Decide on a meeting place that's a safe distance from the house. Everyone should congregate there after evacuating the home.

3. Teach Your Children About Fire Safety
A significant part of the fire escape plan is making sure your children have a good understanding of all aspects of fire safety. Show them what to do and not do if they hear the alarm sound. If there's smoke, they should get low to the floor and crawl to the nearest exit. Demonstrate how they can use the back of their hand on a closed door and doorknob to check for heat before opening it. Tell them NOT to open it if it's hot. Make sure they know to NEVER return to a burning building after exiting.

4. Practice a Fire Drill
Practice your evacuation plan at least twice a year. Since a home fire can break out at any time and in any part of the home, you should practice different scenarios at different times of the day and night. Firefighters and fire damage experts recommend using a stopwatch to time how long it takes for everyone to get to the meeting area after the alarm goes off. You should aim for under two minutes.
Keep your family safe. Devise a fire escape strategy as soon as possible. Hopefully, you'll never need it but practice it regularly to make sure everyone is prepared if the worst occurs.

What To Throw Away After a Fire

12/28/2020 (Permalink)

Medicine thrown in a basket Any item that shows signs of smoke or soot should be thrown away

What To Throw Away After a Fire

The contents inside your home may seem unsalvageable after a fire. Yet that is not the case. Fire damage cleanup professionals can restore many of your belongings, including:

  • Furniture
  • Books
  • Purses
  • Pots and pans
  • Photo albums

Still, there are some things that you do need to throw away following a blaze. High heat can harm cosmetics, medicines, and food. These items should thus be discarded after a fire.

A fire could knock out power to your refrigerator. You should get rid of any perishable items in the fridge and freezer if this happens.
Even non-perishable food could be harmed during a fire, however. Any open containers in the cupboard or on the counter should thus be thrown out.
Heat, water, smoke, and firefighting chemicals can all contaminate food with toxins. Aluminum cans alone do not protect food from these poisonous elements. To be safe, you should throw away any sealed or unsealed food items that come into contact with these contaminants. Similarly, you should get rid of everything inside your refrigerator if it smells smoky or shows signs of soot damage.

Medicines and Cosmetics
You should also examine your medicine cabinet following a fire. Any items that show signs of smoke discoloration or soot should be thrown out.
Fire extinguisher powder could also be harmful if ingested or absorbed into your skin. You must therefore discard any cosmetics or medicines that were sprayed by the extinguisher.
If you are unsure whether a fire-damaged item will harm you, ask restoration experts in Centennial, CO. They should know exactly which belongings can be salvaged.
You do not have to throw away everything in your house following a fire. Professionals can remove soot from furniture and even clean precious family heirlooms. However, for your own safety, you will have to replace any food, medicines or cosmetics that were affected by the blaze.

5 Reasons To Secure a Damaged Building

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

Windows of a building boarded up Board up services after fire damage in Centennial, CO

Five Reasons To Secure A Damaged Commercial Structure

After fire damages a building in Centennial, CO, this structure may draw trespassers. In addition to the liability risks associated with unauthorized parties entering the premises of a damaged, unsecured structure that has suffered fire damage, leaving a damaged building with available access points also offers looters an open invention. Here are five reasons to take measures to secure a damaged commercial structure.

1. Looters Steel Structural Components
Copper pipes and other valuable fixtures are located throughout buildings. Without basic security measures such as boarding up breaches or fencing off the premises, looting may pose a particular problem after fire has damaged a structure.

2. Owners May Be Liable For Trespassers
If a trespasser is able to access a damaged and deserted property, the owner may be liable for any injuries he or she may suffer while on the premises. Boards, fences and other barriers may help to limit liability.

3. Traffic Intensifies Fire Damage
Any foot traffic through a structure that has recently experienced a fire will necessitate more fire cleanup. Every step taken grinds soot into flooring materials, and contact with surfaces can make stains harder to remove during cleanup and restoration.

4. Security Mitigates Most Risks
An appropriate level of security for a fire-damaged commercial building can reduce risks that range from additional damage caused by to unnecessary traffic or unauthorized trespassing to other hazards, such as theft, associated with unauthorized access.

5. Mitigation Allows For Fast Cleanup
Any measures you take to reduce access to a damaged structure can facilitate cleanup. After mitigation, restoration professionals or an insurance adjuster should be the next people to enter the premises.
These are the main reasons to secure a building with fire damage in Centennial, CO. Large or small commercial structures may be liable to looting, trespassing and many types of property damage intentionally or unintentionally perpetrated by trespassers.

4 Tips To Keep Smoke Alarms Sounding

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

Testing a smoke alarm Test your smoke alarm monthly

Smoke Alarm Tips

Like most homeowners, you probably have fire alarms, but when was the last time you inspected or updated them? Being alerted to fire quickly keeps damage minimal and means less cleanup for you and your local fire restoration company. Here are four smoke alarm tips to help keep your home in Cherry Hills Village, CO, safe from fire damage.

1. Put an Alarm in Every Bedroom
Bedrooms are often looked over when it comes to installing fire alarms, but many people sleep with the bedroom door closed. Even an alarm buzzing right outside the door can go unnoticed. Install one in every bedroom and shared living space to ensure that you know when there is an emergency.

2. Test Once a Month
Testing a smoke detector might not be a daily priority, but it should be at the top of the monthly to-do list. Checking to make sure that every alarm is operational only takes a few minutes and is an easy way to protect your home.

3. Change Batteries Twice a Year
A smoke alarm needs to have the battery replaced every six months. Even if there is still life left in batteries, it is safer to replace them regularly and avoid any malfunctions. One way to remember to change batteries is to do it when daylight savings time begins and ends. Alarms use different types of batteries, so check what voltage your units need before heading to the store.

4. Replace Detectors Every 10 Years
All electronics have a lifespan. A smoke detector should be updated every 10 years. If you don’t know how old your alarms are, look for the manufacturing date on the units. Not only are routine updates good, but you might decide that upgrading to a newer system will benefit your household.
Home fires are disasters that no family wants to go through. Keeping up with routine smoke alarm maintenance can help you avoid that tragedy.

Is Business Interruption Insurance Worth the Investment?

7/6/2020 (Permalink)

Financial concept meaning Business Interruption Insurance with sign on the piece of paper. Some business interruption policies will cover these costs

Is Business Interruption Insurance Worth the Investment?

If your commercial building goes up in flames, you need the assurance that everything is going to be okay. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to plan for such a disaster for your own welfare, as well as that of your employees, and your overall business. After all, a fire can affect every aspect of your business. You’ll need it to return it to normal as soon as possible so that you don’t lose more than just your property; out of work employees could leave and clients may choose to go elsewhere. Business interruption insurance could mean the difference between the long-term success of your company and the possibility of permanent business failure. In the wake of a disaster, this insurance covers:

1. Business Profits
This insurance will reimburse a business owner for estimated profits that would’ve been made if the disaster hadn’t occurred. This figure is based on the income earned in recent previous months.

2. Employee Wages
In order to keep employees, they need to continue to be paid until the business is up and running again. Otherwise, most will probably have to find a job elsewhere. This insurance will help the business make payroll during this time.

3. Training Expenses
If a disaster destroys the machinery, this machinery may need to be replaced. Sometimes it’ll be replaced with different models which will require the employees to be trained on the new machinery. Some business interruption policies will cover these costs.

4. Temporary Site
Some businesses will have to move to a temporary location after the building is destroyed in a business fire. This insurance will cover the costs to move and operate from a temporary location until the fire cleaning process is complete.

5. Loan Payments
This insurance helps a business to make loan payments that are due during the time that the business isn’t operating. Some of these loans may be due monthly, such as the building rent.
If your commercial building sustains major damage, there’s a good chance you’ll wish you had business interruption insurance if you don’t. In the meantime, your Park Meadows, CO, fire damage cleanup professionals are Here to Help.

3 Factors That Determine Home Smoke Alarm Installation

2/26/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke detector A smoke alarm is a vital component of your Greenwood Village, CO, home

3 Factors That Determine Home Smoke Alarm Installation

A smoke alarm is a vital component of your Greenwood Village, CO, home that keeps loved ones safe and prevents further fire damage. However, this device alone cannot function without your thoughts and strategic thinking. There are many kinds of detectors in the market, each with their own strengths and weaknesses that can apply to any place and time. Consider the following factors as you install these devices inside your home.

1. Size and Structure of Home

As you plan the number of alarms to install, think about the size of your home. The bigger the building, the more devices you will need to cover the area. Fire safety common sense dictates that you equip every room with an alarm, including non-bedroom areas like the attic and basement. Also, each hallway connected to a bedroom may need a detector in case a fire traps people inside their rooms.

2. Environmental Factors

There are numerous elements in your house that can influence the function of a smoke alarm. For instance, an attic may have temperature extremes and lack smoke, so a heat detector is more appropriate instead. Also, kitchens produce more heat and smoke than other parts of the house, so a photoelectric alarm is preferable over a more sensitive ionized option. Keep the environment in mind as you choose a device and its location.

3. Special Applications and Needs

Not every homeowner can be satisfied with the functions of a simple smoke detector. You may be hearing impaired, so you will need a visual component, such as a red light, that will effectively indicate a fire. Additionally, you may worry about other elements, such as carbon monoxide, or desire additional sound and visual options. Talk to an electrician or installation specialist to discuss a central panel that operates these alarm features.
The right application of a smoke alarm is as much of an asset as firefighters, insurance and fire damage remediation. Think about the building and its components as you prepare your home's fire system.

How To Handle a Natural Gas Leak

11/22/2019 (Permalink)

Natural gas burning on kitchen gas stove Safety is important, so if you have gas in your home, understand the warning signs of a problem

Keep In Mind the Three Following Things To Protect Your Residence

Gas fire has the potential to begin quickly and cause extreme injury and damage. Making this more difficult is the fact that these blazes are hard to detect, mostly because signs of a leak are hard to notice. Therefore, homeowners in Englewood, CO, may not even be aware of an issue until it is too late. It is pivotal, then, to remain alert and understand the signals of potential problems. Keep the following three things in mind to help protect your residence.

1. Know the Signs of a Gas Leak

Be aware of your surroundings. For example, natural gas, when exposed to the home or outside, can create several discernible effects. If you notice any of the following, you'll want to check your home carefully.

  • An odd odor
  • Small areas of dead vegetation
  • A strange hissing sound

If you're unsure, don't hesitate to call 911. It's best to be safe.

2. Take Steps To Protect Yourself

While you wait on the experts and if you think it's safe, take measures to secure your home. Gas fire, after all, is very dangerous, capable of destroying homes and hurting people. If you notice a subtle smell, evaluate your appliances, particularly the stove. Occasionally a burner could simply have been left on. If that isn't the case, then, turn off the lights, and try to diminish the electricity running through the home; the current could potentially create a blast. Open doors and windows, airing out the rooms. Finally, locate the gas meter, and use a wrench to turn the valve off.

3. Repair the Damage

If a gas explosion occurs, have a fire restoration company inspect the premises. You'll want experts to determine the extent of damage, providing you an overview of the need for reconstruction, including how to salvage materials and what needs to be discarded.
Safety is important, so if you have gas in your home, understand the warning signs of a problem. Gas fire occurs suddenly. Open windows and doors; then turn off anything that could spark a blaze. Anytime you are in doubt, call in 911, and leave the property.

Will Renters Insurance Cover Fire?

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

A house in fire Fire damage in Park Meadows, CO

If you experience a fire in your Park Meadows, CO, rental home, you will likely have many questions. Insurance can be especially tricky for renters. Knowing about the different renters insurance coverages can help put your mind at ease.

Types of Coverage

Every policy varies, so make sure to check the details of your policy to know what is covered, the coverage limit and the deductible. Many policies cover the following in the event of a fire:

Contents If your possessions are destroyed in the fire, your policy could cover the cost to replace them. Make sure that your policy covers replacement value rather than actual cash value.
Third Party Medical Bills If someone is injured during the fire, your insurance company may pay for their medical bills even if the fire is not your fault. Generally, the limits for this type of coverage are fairly low.
Loss of Use Unfortunately, you may not be able to live in your home after a fire. Loss of use coverage will pay for temporary living arrangements during the fire restoration process.
Liability If the fire is your fault (excluding criminal acts), then the insurance company will likely pay for medical bills of injured third parties and for repairs.

Claims Process

The claims process varies with every company; however, the basic steps are the same. Your renters insurance will require you to tell them how much your contents are worth. This will go much more smoothly if you have evidence to support your claim. Keep your home inventory current. Have photo or video documentation of your belongings. Keep receipts for big-ticket items. It is a good idea to store the home inventory digitally in cloud storage or in a fire-proof safe. After a fire, you will also need photo or video evidence of the damage.
After filing a claim with your renters insurance, it is time to begin restoring your belongings. Depending on the extent of fire damage to your property, you may need to enlist the help of an experienced restoration company to restore your belongings to their pre-fire condition.

Boarding Up After a Disaster

7/19/2019 (Permalink)

Board up in Park Meadows, CO

It’s happened – your beautiful home has been struck by a disaster. Many people feel a brief exhilaration at having survived, only to suffer a major crash when they realize the extent of the damage. At times like this, you may want to give up and walk away, leaving everything for the insurance claim.

However, now is a critical time to be proactive! You should immediately take all reasonable steps to protect repairable portions, whether fire damage, natural disaster or all other forms of catastrophe. Now is an excellent time to board up the savable areas. Indeed, it may be required by your insurance company in Park Meadows, CO!

Protect Your Investment

Using a professional emergency board up service has numerous advantages, including

  • Proof to insurance companies of compliance.
  • Preventing further damage from elements.
  • Preventing theft.
  • Reducing liability from 3rd party injuries.

A significantly damaged home is like an amusement park for lookie-loos. Some folks who would never consider trespassing just can’t resist the temptation of wandering around your property, gawking at the complete disruption to your life. When you board up your home, you make it too much trouble for casual entrance as well as demonstrate that the home is actively being cared for.

Why Using an Experienced Restoration Company Is Ideal

Damaged structures are amazingly dangerous. People have been seriously injured or killed by trusting areas that look like they will support them and then falling through. There are nails and all manner of items that are almost eager to cut and puncture your skin.

Professionals not only take this risk for you, they are more familiar with the hazards and can often avoid them. Also, a board up is at least a two-person job and is very physical. Cheap materials may fail when exposed to weathering, so the pros know what to use. And if the boards or tarps aren’t fastened correctly, they can either fly off or cause damage if attached to items they aren’t supposed to be.

How To Clean Up After a Commercial Fire

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

Soot and smoke damage in a Park Meadows, CO facility

You may be skilled and efficient at running your business in Park Meadows, CO, growing your customer base and dealing with personnel, however do you know what your business needs after a fire? Fires can be an unexpected disaster that can feel difficult to overcome. Knowing what steps need to be taken can make the fire and smoke damage cleanup feel more manageable.

What Things Need Cleanup After a Fire

Following a fire, there are several things that need doing right away. Specific processes need to be used for specific damage in order to salvage content. Following is a partial guide to cleaning:

  • Dry cleaning for clothing and fabric items
  • Ozone for smoke cleaning
  • Vacuuming for loose soot
  • Ultrasonic for non-porous surfaces
  • Inspection of the structural elements

Know the Difference Between Soot and Smoke

Soot can be a tricky substance to clean as it is greasy and sticky. It is composed of incompletely burned oily or greasy materials and can contain toxic chemicals, so it must be cleaned carefully. Soot also carries a foul stench that may need extra cleaning. It cannot be dissipated unless the actual soot is removed.

Smoke odor can also be a plaguing problem. Smoke damage can cause staining and may even cause certain materials to become brittle. It can leave a clinging residue on every surface it touches and carries odor as well. The smoke odor can be removed by using an ozone machine.

Structural materials that are otherwise salvageable may still be affected by soot damage and the odors it carries. Cleaning the soot from studs, sheet rock, ceilings, countertops and other surfaces is critical to elimination of the smell. Once cleanup is finished the structural restoration can begin.

In Park Meadows, CO, you can get the help you need from qualified fire restoration professionals that are trained in cleaning smoke damage and the smells that go with it. You can have hope that your commercial building will be sound and clean smelling again soon.

Don't Walk Away From Your Fire-Damaged House

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

When it comes to board up tasks after a fire, it's best to hire a professional

When your Centennial, CO, home has been affected by disaster, your first reaction may be to feel completely overwhelmed. That's only natural. Fortunately, after those first nerve-wracking moments, there are a few things you need to immediately address for the sake of your home and your personal safety, such as obtaining a board up service.

What's at Risk If You Don't Take These Actions?

  • You might loss insurance coverage because you neglected to prevent further damage.
  • Wind, rain, animals, and trespassers could cause extensive damage.
  • Your property and belongings could be stolen or lost.
  • Trespassers on your property could get hurt, and you could be held liable.

Contact a Professional With Emergency Experience

You will need to board up the windows and doors, as well as covering up any holes in the roof and walls. However, these jobs often require multiple able-bodied people. Additionally, structures that have been affected by fire damage can be precarious. Fire damage and restoration professionals know what to watch for and how to avoid injuries. It's in your best interest to turn this part of the work over to those professionals.

Focus on Your Family Members

There are some clear benefits to hiring a professional. These include the chance to devote your attention to those who were in the home with you when the fire started. You'll need to determine whether anyone needs medical attention. You'll need to make arrangements for a place to stay while your house is under repair.

Avoid Further Losses and Prevent Secondary Trouble

While professionals are working, they will handle the emergency board up, tarping, and preventing further losses and trespassers. They will also make a plan of action, watch out for hidden dangers, record necessary repairs, and coordinate efforts with local officials and insurance providers. With professionals handling emergency care and repairs, you can be confident that secondary damages won't occur.

When it comes to board up and tarping tasks after a fire, it's best to hire a professional. Secure the future safety and security of your home. Turn your focus to your loved ones. Enjoy top results.

Managing A Fire Loss In Englewood Or Littleton, Colorado

4/29/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in a Downtown home in Littleton, CO.

Homeowners may be shocked by how much damage occurs when there is a fire, and they must take every precaution to ensure the house does not fall apart. The fire may be quite terrible, but the house may be repaired by a mitigation company and fire cleanup crew. Fire damage may be removed from the home, and it may be repaired using proper techniques. Every homeowner in the Littleton and Englewood Colorado area must ensure they have hired a fire damage crew for the job.

Managing A Fire Loss

#1: Repairing Every Bit Of Damage

Water damage from fire, soot damage and smoke damage is quite a bother as it will hit every part of the house. The fire will billow while it is burning, and water will be everywhere when the fire is extinguished. The company will begin by working on removing water damage from fire, and they will check for mold or mildew growth in the space.

#2: Repairing The House's Walls

The walls of the house wee likely burnt during the fire, and the exterior must come together before any sort of interior cleaning or air quality test may occur. The restoration company cannot repair soot damage or smoke damage when they have not closed the walls of the house, and there are many different ways to repair both at the same time. Cleaning out the house and raising the walls once more will ensure soot and smoke has been removed, and the repairs may progress as normal.

#3: Interior Air Quality And Cleaning

Soot and smoke may be removed from the house in a number of ways, and the homeowner will smell the air in the home become much cleaner. They may request a number of tests that will ensure the house has been cleaned properly, and they may place an air monitor in the house that will tell them if there are leftover allergens in the house. The homeowner cannot be healthy if they are breathing dust or debris, and they will have a much cleaner home as a result of the work that is done.

#4: Scheduling Services Immediately

Littleton and Englewood, Colorado homeowners may call the work crew at any time, They will find it simple to have a crew come out to the house, and they will see the home change back to its former self. The house may be in poor repair after the fire, but the homeowner will see it change while the work is completed. They may use the estimate to follow along, and they may ask the company how long it will take to complete the work.

Everyone who is searching for a simple way to recover from a fire must hire the mitigation company at once. They will find it simple to have someone come to the house to repair everything, and they will repair the entirety of the inside and outside. The house will look brand new, and the property will rise in value because of the work that was completed. 

Proper Care and Cleaning of Your Gas Range

2/5/2019 (Permalink)

Range cleaning and maintenance are important

A new gas range that is sparkling clean and working well is a joy to cook on. You wipe away every crumb and spill immediately and keep it looking pristine. As the novelty wears off and life happens, you may not worry so much about a spill or two. Things begin to bake onto the surface and accumulated gunk and goo no longer bother you as much. But there are some simple ways to restore your beautiful oven and some good reasons why range cleaning and maintenance are important.

Five Tips for Cleaning Your Range Top

  1. Make a mixture of half hot water and half white vinegar. Spray all surfaces, one area at a time and let it sit to soften dirt.
  2. Using a stiff toothbrush, scrub away all grease and buildup. You can scrape gently with a plastic knife if needed, then wipe clean.
  3. Remove the burner caps and heads. Wash them in the vinegar mixture and clean the grooves with a pin or toothpick. Dry thoroughly.
  4. Wipe everything down one last time and replace burner heads and caps and cooking grates.
  5. Wipe things down after each use to maintain a fresh, clean appearance for your gas range.

Why Range Cleaning is Important

Besides looking great and being a more inviting cooking surface, a clean range top can keep the burner heads working properly. Food and spills can build up in the cutout grooves, blocking the flow of gas, creating hot spots or making it unsafe to operate. Burning food near the burner head could also produce an unpleasant smoke smell that can get into everything in your house. If this happens, be sure to get help from odor removal specialists in Littleton, CO, to clean your home of both the smell and the residue that causes it.

You won’t have to spend your time wishing for a new gas range when yours is sparkling clean and in good order. You can just enjoy what it was made for – giving enjoyment and nourishment to your family.

Preparing an Effective Family Fire Escape Plan

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

Putting into place a fire escape plan for your Centennial, CO home makes the difference in the event of an emergency

If a fire should occur in your home in Centennial, CO, your house and belongings can be a devastating loss. Can you imagine how much worse it would be to lose a family member? Discussing with your family and putting into place a fire escape plan make the difference in the event of an emergency situation. There are several things that should be taken into consideration when making an escape plan.

Things to Consider When Making an Emergency Escape Plan

  • Take the family through the house and make sure each understands how to get out of every window or door, and have each person rehearse it
  • Make sure every person knows your address and how to call 911 for help
  • Have each family member practices touching the back of doors to test for heat
  • Choose a place outside of the home to meet up after a fire
  • Regularly practice drills from start to finish

More Ways to Stay Safe

When making your fire escape plan, check all doors and windows and make sure they are operational and can be unlocked and opened by each member of the family. If some windows are too high, make sure a ladder or chair is nearby to help reach the window. If there are elderly people or small children in the household, assign an able-bodied person to each to ensure they can get out. If any of the windows are barred, make sure they are fitted with an emergency release.

Even if you take preventive steps like making a Fire escape plan, the unthinkable can happen. Sorting through the contents of a burned home is an emotional heartbreak and making decisions about what can be salvaged can make a hard situation more difficult. Calling on emergency restoration services in Centennial, CO, for help will make it easier and will ensure that you eliminate any toxic residue and odor, and get you and your family back into your home where you belong.

Board Up Benefits: Why Emergency Board Up is Essential

10/24/2018 (Permalink)

Board up property in Englewood,CO

Many disasters may require an emergency board up, which is when wood is used to cover any structural or property damage. While there are many reasons to board up your property, the most common are listed below.

1. Mitigate Further Damage

Boarding up your property is essentially about mitigating further loss and damage. If holes in ceilings are left uncovered, then your home remains open to additional water and wind damage. If broken windows are left untouched, then your house is open to looters. Covering the structural damage protects against the elements and intruders, and thereby protects you from further property loss.

2. Reduce Liability Risks

A board up also reduces liability risks. While it may seem unfair, you may be found liable for injuries someone sustains inside your home, even if that person enters your home illegally. Boarding up your house after structural damage occurs protects against personal injuries and, as a result, protects you from liability risks.

3. Protect Against Loss of Coverage

Many insurers require the boarding up or tarping of damaged properties following a disaster because it mitigates further damage and reduces liability. If you choose not to comply with this requirement, then you risk the loss of coverage, meaning that you will have to cover all  restoration costs alone.

4. Complement with Professional Installation

While you may think that your home is safe, a professional inspector may uncover hidden water or fire damage that brings the integrity of your home into question. For that reason, boarding up your property should not be a solo endeavor, and many insurers may require that a restoration specialist from Englewood, CO, perform the task to ensure that your home is structurally sound.

Boarding up your property after a disaster is essential because it mitigates further damage, reduces liability risks, and protects against out-of-pocket expenses. While you may be hesitant to board up your property after storm or fire damage, be aware of the potential risks you invite by avoiding it.

4 Types of Smoke Remediation

8/13/2018 (Permalink)

Smoke cleaning is an important process after a fire has affected your Englewood, CO home. Soot and smoke can cling to the surfaces of your house as well as your belongings. If left unattended, the damage could further permeate your structure and become harder to fully remove. Your residential fire cleanup professionals may use various methods to clean up the smoke.

1. Thermal Foggers: When you hear about thermal foggers, you may think of pest control. However, this equipment can also help remove smoke odor. The technique recreates fire-like elements, such as pressurization and heat. The porous materials in your house pick up the deodorization materials in the same way they picked up the smoke odors.
2. Air Filtration Devices: Some air purifiers can help in the smoke cleaning process. The fine, professional-grade filters actually help catch the odor-causing particles. The filtration system can simultaneously help you deal with mold problems and excessive moisture in your home as well.
3. Ozone Machines: The smoke odor in your home could also be removed by an ozone machine. This equipment kills certain particles in the air to ensure your home is free of bad odors and dangerous airborne irritants.
4. Solvent Cleaners: Solvent cleaners help remove the physical signs of smoke damage. Your cleanup team may use wet and dry cleaners on various surfaces in your home. In some cases, the building materials in your home may actually have to be removed rather than cleaned. However, solvent cleaners can work to rid your house of soot and smells.

Smoke cleaning requires two different elements to be addressed. First, you have to worry about the unsightly soot that clings to your belongings. Second, you have to tackle the odor that permeates almost every surface in your home. When these two elements are addressed at the same time, you have a better chance of being happy with the restoration your home goes through. Visit for more information on fire damage. 

Handling a Fire Loss in Englewood and Littleton CO

5/31/2018 (Permalink)

Handling a fire loss in either of these two cities in Colorado can be a serious matter that, in the end, will pretty much boil down to these seven things of concern:

  • Fire Damage
  • Water Damage From Fire
  • Smoke Damage
  • Soot Damage
  • Soot * That Horrible Smell Of Smoke * And Air Quality

A fire is an equal opportunity annoyer and, on occasion, can also be a killer as well. That said, the question remains what is a family of men, women, children and loved pets to do after the smoke clears and they start their research on the best way to handle a fire loss in Englewood and Littleton, Colorado. One thing for sure, it won't be easy. But if handled correctly, can produce a limited amount of stress, pressure and anxiety.

Early Littleton Residents Knew The Threat Of Fire!

Back in 1914, the famous and popular resort, called the Sunshine and Shadow Inn, burned to the ground forcing the volunteer fire department to purchase a "mechanized" fire truck in order to better protect the town. Equipment is far better these days. In 1960, population growth forced the city to forgo the 70 year old volunteer system in favor of hiring professionals. Today the fire department employs hundreds of experienced firefighters as well as many mechanized vehicles to protect over 200,000 citizens of Littleton. When Disaster Strikes Englewood, Fire Loss Experience Is Required! Fire damage, water damage from fire, smoke damage along with soot damage can produce an air quality that could easily require your family to wear those nose and mouth masks in order to protect inhaling all that nasty soot that is still hanging around indoors and outdoors.

For more information involving disaster relief services and prevention, please visit

Having an Emergency Water Restoration Plan

5/31/2018 (Permalink)

In this day and age, cities will usually follow a water damage restoration process:

  • Emergency contact.
  • Inspection and damage assessment.
  • Water removal/water extraction.
  • Drying and dehumidification.
  • Cleaning and repairing.
  • Restoration.

Mold remediation What Can Be Done To Reassure

Clients And Restore Lives? What folks need to realize is that a blazing fire doesn't send you an email or text message and many property owners are, well, simply not prepared.

That said, you need to know who to contact (other than the fire department) with experience who can offer free estimates as well as providing high quality service using state-of-the-art equipment and, for sure, minimize the damage and destruction that is facing you like fire damage, soot damage, biohazard damage and most of all, water removal that many times can seem to take forever to dry. And since no crystal ball can predict a fire, the company you hire should be available 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Note: As a property owner you should take a peek at your insurance coverage to insure your policy payments are current and that the company you hire will honor your relationship with that company. Other than the fire loss headache you have just endured, you certainly don't want to suddenly find out that another hassle or delay is causing another headache. For more information involving disaster relief services and prevention, please visit

Better Safe Than Sorry: Throw These Items Away After a Fire

12/8/2017 (Permalink)

Better Safe Than Sorry: Throw These Items Away After a Fire

Cleaning up fire damage after surviving a disaster in Englewood, Colorado is both challenging and difficult. You may be drained emotionally, making it hard to focus on the task. One question you likely have is “What can I keep and what should I throw away?”

The answer will fall on your best judgment, based on sentimental value and what you can salvage. You should toss these three items no matter what, however, mostly due to their exposure to high heat.

1. Food

There will be, of course, food items that are obvious candidates for the trash receptacle. Burnt boxes and open items exposed to extreme heat and smoke are good examples of items to throw away. But what about canned goods and sealed jars?

While canned goods and jars might seem perfectly fine at first glance, remember you are assessing damage after the fire when things have cooled down. You may not know whether the items were exposed to high heat. If they were, that heat may have triggered bacteria growth or spoiled the food’s taste. Many sealed and canned goods can also suffer from toxic fume contamination, so it is better to throw them away.

2. Medicine

Similar to how extreme heat can affect food, high temperatures can also damage medicine. The heat can destroy the drug’s chemical structure, making them ineffective. Water can also hurt medicine, so even if they don’t sustain fire damage, the best course of action may be to throw away exposed medicine.

3. Clothing

This is more of a friendly suggestion than anything else is. While the proper cleaning technique can help salvage clothing exposed to smoke and damage from fire, sometimes it is best to start fresh. When it comes to clothing for children and infants, because of smoke’s toxic quality, consider replacing materials.

For everything else, consider its exposure to high heat and fire damage. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Avoiding Further Fire Damages

10/18/2017 (Permalink)

Avoiding Further Fire Damages

Fire in home or fire in business is a common occurrence. The cause of fire outbreak could vary, but the most common is an electrical fault in the appliances. In the event of a fire at home or business, the owners always panic. This is because of the possible loss that would be caused by fire damage. The most important thing is to ensure that fire in home or fire in business is brought to control immediately and fire cleanup begins.

First step after fire in home or fire in business

The first and most important thing that should be done in the event of a fire at home or fire in business is to call the firefighters. Although the business or home may have fire sprinkler systems, it cannot be sufficient to suppress the fire. Firefighters play an important role because they reduce the extent of commercial fire damage through quick response.

Aftermath of firefighting

After the fire has been suppressed, the owner won’t have a chance to get into the property until it is safe. The evidence will show that the firefighting task is usually vigorous because of the amount of broken glass, broken doors, and even broken ceilings. The charred mess, smoke damage, and soot damage are some of the things that the home or business owner has to deal with.

Professional fire clean up

The mess caused by fire damage and the firefighters' effort should be cleaned up immediately to avoid causing further damages. The cleaning is very hard work to do on your own, as there are issues that must be handled by professionals. The best option is usually to call for a professional commercial fire damage Restoration Company to come to your aid. They have a professional approach for removal of smoke damage ,soot damage, smoke smell damage, and floods.

What to expect from a fire restoration company

Professional fire cleanup involves many things, but the most apparent one is their planning. They first begin with assessing the extent of the fire damage and smoke damage. All the items that could be repaired and reused are sorted out and taken to their facility. This allows for professional repair and cleaning.

The flooded floor could lead to water damage if left stagnant on the floor, the professionals could make sure that it is all drained out and dried. They have advanced equipment and tools that ensure detection of moisture. Smoke smell is one of the most conspicuous aspects resulting from commercial fire damage. Smoke smell spreads in all the rooms and is absorbed by porous items including upholstery. It is removed through various techniques and tools.

Soot damage results from the flame of the burning items during a fire in business or fire in home. The fire restoration company could ensure that the walls and vents are cleaned of the dust. This allows for repainting of the walls to its former looks. Since fire damage in business or home usually causes window and door damage, board up services would be required.

The professional fire restoration company would ensure that the home or business is boarded up to prevent intruders. The reason is that the fire cleanup services can take a short period, but the repair of the commercial fire damage to the walls and doors may take some time. This requires that the business or home is secure through boarding up the area broken doors or windows.

Why use professional fire damage Restoration Company?

Fire damage restoration companies may differ, but their professionalism in handling commercial fire damage is usually impressive and satisfying to the property owner. Their approach to the boarding up the area and planning the fire cleanup is effective. They make sure that smoke damage, smoke smell, and soot damage are eliminated. Other than boarding up the area, the fire damage restoration does not take long before it is completed and you are back to your normal life. Fire damage can be devastating but using a professional restoration company, the nightmare of fire in home or fire in business will soon be over.

Visit for more information on fire damage.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Professional Fire Damage Restoration

8/16/2017 (Permalink)

The Do’s and Don’ts of Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Many homeowners and other business building managers fear fire damage because of consequences such as reduced resale value of the home, loss of homeowners insurance and other related costs. What many homeowners do not understand is that it is possible to minimize the level of damage that occurs after fire damage and bring back the building to the state it was in before the fire. Below is a list of the mistakes that homeowners make when dealing with fire damage restoration and the measures which can be taken to correct the problem.

Trying DIY fire damage restoration

It is the most common, and the worst mistake that homeowners make after the fire fighters have left home. Reading a few resources online does not in any way make you an expert in dealing with the aftermath of a fire in home or fire in business. By attempting the DIY fire cleanup and fire damage restoration process, you put yourself and the house in the following risks:

• You might get hurt by falling parts of the interior of the house which have disintegrated during the fire damage if board up has not been done.

• You might get poisoned in case there is still smoke damage and smoke smell inside the home.

• You might not know the protective measures to use to protect the home from intruders, which means that vandalism will follow the fire in home or fire in business and heighten your losses.

• When fire cleanup is done poorly, the smoke smell will set, the stains will stick and the home will never regain the status it had before the fire damage.

• Sometimes, water is used in firefighting. When the homeowner does DIY, this water may be left behind and could lead to mold later.

These are just a few of the reasons DIY fire cleanup and restoration is highly discouraged after a fire in the home or fire in business.

Calling in the experts-what to expect

There are a few things that you should expect from the restoration company. The first step the commercial fire damage expert takes as soon as they get to your premises is an inspection on the status of the building. In case gaping holes, doors and windows have been left behind, they will perform a board up service. Board up protects the house from further damage and vandalism. The company will also install a roof tarp in addition to the board up if part or the entire roof was ruined in the fire.

The other thing you should expect is that water damage restoration could be part of the commercial fire damage mitigation process. If water was used to put the fire out, the restoration company will first extract it and dry the house to prevent rotting of the wooden structures and mold. Then, the restoration company will assess the smoke damage and soot damage extent inside the house. In case the smoke damage has left behind the characteristic smoke smell, deodorizers will be used later. They will also open the doors and windows for fresh air, replace filters in the HVAC systems and turn on the dehumidifiers.

The soot damage cleanup will follow. All the stains from soot damage will be washed with chemicals and detergents until the stained surfaces are clean. Then, the last part of commercial fire damage repair, that is, the restoration will start. Here, the commercial fire damage repair company will replace the doors, windows, roof, and other parts that were ruined during the fire in home or fire in business. Repainting may be done in areas that have been blackened by soot damage and smoke damage. By the time the commercial fire damage restoration expert is finishing up the process, your house will be back to the state that it was in before the fire damage occurred. Remember that for the best fire cleanup, smoke smell removal, and mitigation, you need to hire a competent restoration company.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

Facing a Fire as a Homeowner

7/21/2017 (Permalink)

Facing a Fire as a Homeowner

When the firefighters leave a fire, it might seem like everything is safe. However, if a restoration company doesn't clear the smoke damage, your home may never get back to its fighting shape. The principles of fire damage restoration seem simple, but fixing fire damage requires a significant amount of experience and power. For this reason, homeowners should never attempt a fire cleanup by themselves.

Why Fire Cleanup Experts Should Take Care of Your Fire Damage

In almost all cases, it is the fire that acts as the immediate danger. Once the fire has stopped, the fire damage and smoke damage that it leaves behind will negatively affect your home or business. Ash and smoke damage, if it does not get treated, will cause extensive corrosion from fire in home or fire in business, discoloration, and even a bothersome smoke smell. Fire damage restoration experts who take care of soot damage and commercial fire damage can put a stop to these things before it becomes a problem. But the fire cleanup experts can only take care of the board up, smoke smell, and soot damage if they get contacted as soon as possible. While many companies claim that they can do board up and smoke smell services, as well as fix damage from fire in home and fire in business, you should only contact commercial fire damage experts who have the proper training and credentials. In this case, you should consider companies that have received credentials from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This oversight agency requires every registrant to undergo coursework before they get certified. This certification serves as a symbol of excellence. Any restoration company that receives certification from the IICRC can provide you and your family with excellent fire damage restoration services.

Get Certified Experts to Do The Job

IIRC certified professionals can clean soot damage and fire damage and restore any of your items that got ruined by fire in home or fire in business. However, you have to bring these things in before the smoke damage renders them useless. Ash discolors most surfaces in your home. Plastic and other types of items that were close to the fire damage will get melted within minutes of the fire starting, while fiberglass and appliances will get discolored within hours after a fire. At this time, your metals might get tarnished by fire in home or fire in business. Soot damage may also cause your walls, clothing, and upholstery to get discolored. You may also need to replace or refinish any wood or vinyl that you have in your home. While you're going through your fire damaged items, you should also board up your home.

The Importance of Getting Experts To Do The Job

If you don't hire a restoration company to clean commercial fire damage and board up any windows, your fire damage restoration costs will go up exponentially after a couple of weeks. You may need to replace metals, your carpet may get discolored from commercial fire damage. Your glass items may also need to get replaced because they were etched due to the fire. At this time, the smoke smell may cause problems for the fire cleanup efforts. Ash contains acid, so you don't want to wait to hire a restoration company. If you hesitate to hire local fire cleanup experts, it could cause trouble for a lot of people.

When the professionals come onto the scene of a former fire, they will look at all the affected items and find the source of the fire smell. Professionals will always thoroughly clean any damage from the fire, such as ash and soot. Ash can get distributed throughout a building after a fire, so almost everything will need to get restored. The restoration experts will determine what can and can't be salvaged. They will also remove residue that coats all of your critical surfaces. Restorers will also look for the source of the fire smell and use detergents to neutralize the odors. Once restorers treat the affected materials, they will seal them to prevent any odors from getting into the air.
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Home Restoration After a Fire Damage

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Home Restoration After a Fire Damage

Whenever you go into a burnt home, you will see the charred residues on the walls, ceilings, and floors. The carbon particulates in the indoor air can also cause plenty of lung illness or death. The house remodeling experts can clean up the smoke damage and refurbish the house to its original state by replacing or repairing the affected building materials. Besides, if the water was utilized in the firefighting procedure, there might be some water damage that needs attention. Commercial fire damage calls for an extensive fire cleanup to eliminate the soot damage. Smoke damage can lead to the discoloration of the surfaces, and with the right detergents, you can undertake the fire cleanup easily.

House inspection

The house inspectors will figure out how safe the structure is before embarking on the job. Throughout the remodeling process, be sure to keep any documents such as receipts, delivery notes, and invoices from anything you purchase so that your insurer can compensate you. Also, employ an inspector to examine the work and give you some helpful tips on how to protect your home against fire damage in the future. Avoid using paint on the charred surfaces and instead, replace the unsalvageable products. When the smoke smell subsides, you will realize that your bathroom tiles and kitchen countertops have developed some stains. In the case of a fire in business premises, ensure that you invest in the right cleaning agents. You should also anticipate the causes of a fire in business buildings to prevent the problem in the future. A good ventilation system will help to eliminate the smoke smell and reduce the soot damage.

Act Swiftly

The walls, floorings, ceilings, and home furnishings can end up being stained and filthy. You need a moist sponge and vinegar to rub the soot and smoke discolorations. Nevertheless, you should respond quickly since the residues continue to corrode and affect the remaining structure. Bear in mind that the damage intensifies as the water continues to permeate into the structure and the wood continues to rot. The ash might likewise be destructive, implying that it will continue to affect the structural strength of your house. You will have to sanitize the building with a citrus disinfectant. The flooring can be the hardest remodel due to the seepage of water to the subfloor. By utilizing an oxygen bleach cleaner and vinegar, you can eliminate the stains on the stucco, walls, and kitchen countertops. You have to consider that the smoke and soot damage that affects the structure can trigger a host of chemical reactions. As soon as you change or refinish the wooden floors, it is important to seal the surface to prevent any absorption of wetness that might lead to a foul smell or contamination in the future. The fire cleanup is not complete without removing the affected parts and refurbishing the house to its original appearance. The fire in home can lead to the production of excessive smoke smell that can cause suffocation. Since a fire in home floors will cause considerable soot damage and smoke damage, take the right measures to eliminate the threats of the smoke smell. When a fire in business premises erupts, a contractor can help you with the commercial fire damage restoration. Contractors are qualified in various fields that include fire damage restoration, fire cleanup, smoke damage control, and soot damage remediation. Other competencies involve dealing with a fire in home walls, fire in business floors, and commercial fire damage cleanup.

Be safe

Before the job begins, check the house and guarantee that you are not prone to injuries from collapsing beams and roofing systems. Fire damage renovators will assist you to figure out ways to avoid additional damage, lower the cost, and determine the cost of remodeling. There are different methods to tidy up after a fire, and having a professional by your side will help you to determine the cost-effective procedures. The acidic soot can stain and corrode the other surfaces if you do not respond fast. Because the small particles of smoke have a smell, ventilation is important. Dealing with fire damage is a home is a risky ploy that requires the protective clothing. After the fire damage, ensure that you salvage as many things as possible. The cost of restoration will depend on the extent of the fire damage. After a fire razes down a building, the renovation should involve dealing with the fire damage and soot damage. When it comes to fire damage restoration, it is critical to estimate the cost before you embark on the job. The contractor will discard the materials that have been affected by the commercial fire damage and give you a quote for the fire damage restoration project. Whether you are dealing with fire in home ceilings or commercial fire damage, be sure to consult the professionals in your area.
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A Walk Through The Typical Fire Restoration Process

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A Walk Through The Typical Fire Restoration Process

When fire damage occurs to a home, it can be devastating. Not only are the homeowners dealing with their personal items, they know have to undergo the long process of restoring their home. This can be stressful, to begin with, and may seem almost impossible for those who are unfamiliar with the fire damage restoration process.

We're going to go over the actual process of restoring a home after fire damage occurs. This will help those people who are not familiar with this process, better be prepared. Although we may want to push the possibilities of bad things occurring out of our minds, it's better to be prepared than not.

Contact An Emergency Fire Restoration Company

After fire crews successfully put the fire out, the restoration begins. Fire cleanup is typically handled by a fire damage restoration company. It's best to contact one of these companies immediately after the fire is put out. The sooner the cleanup process begins, the more likely the homeowner is to save more of their belongings.

A home fire cannot only cause open walls or roofs but other damage as well. Smoke damage can result in a smoke smell and soot damage can ruin many of the homeowner's items. The longer these items are left uncleaned, the more likely they are to be destroyed. Contacting an emergency fire cleanup company is imperative for these reasons.

The Fire Cleanup Assessment Process

When a fire in home or a fire in business occurs, there are many aspects of the damage to be assessed. When the fire cleanup company arrives they will do an assessment of all the property damage. This requires looking at all rooms where the fire in home was or fire in business was to record all damages that occurred. In addition, these companies will note any other rooms where the smoke damage and soot damage may have traveled.

The commercial fire damage company will use this initial assessment to plan their steps of restoration. Depending on the amount of work, the materials needed, and other key factors, the commercial fire damage agency will be able to give the homeowner a cost estimate and time frame to finish the fire cleanup process.

Immediate Sealing And Tarping Services

The fire damage restoration company will start by taking care of the most immediate problems. These things are those that could make the fire damage even worse. For example, an open wall or a hole in the roof will be treated with tarping and sealing to ensure there is not future damage caused.

In most cases of fire damage, there is likely water damage. The fire damage restoration company is typically trained in this area of restoration as well. They will take care of any burst pipes or water tanks that could be an immediate threat to the structure of the home. Both of these processes goes for a fire in home or a fire in business.

The Clean Up

The clean up is the most time-consuming process of a commercial fire damage company's job. They must take care of the smoke damage and soot damage to help eliminate the smoke smell in the home. When a fire in home or fire in business occurs, it leaves behind charred, stained, and dark belongings. The commercial fire damage company will remove all the soot, dust, and smoke from the surfaces of the home and homeowner's belongings.

A big part of the clean up process is to get rid of the lingering smoke smell. Restoration companies will use tactics like carpet cleaning to ensure the removal of the smoke smell. Some of the items in the home may be too badly damaged to save.

In most cases, items that only underwent soot damage or smoke damage can be restored. Items that are charred or burned are typically marked as destroyed by the restoration company

Repairing And Restoring

This is the last part of the fire restoration process. The company that was hired to do the restoration will take care of repairing damage to structures of the home, such as the kitchen cabinets. They will work to install new carpeting, repaint walls, and any other parts of the home that need to be restored.
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Fire Damage Restoration For Your Home

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Fire Damage Restoration For Your Home

Fire damage in a home is difficult to recover from without help from a professional who does that sort of work every day. They are quite skilled, and they will come to the home prepared to manage fire cleanup that will deal with any sort of fire loss that occurred in the house. This article explains how fire in home and fire in business problems must be addressed before they take over the space completely.

#1: What Does The Fire Loss Entail?

Fire damage in a fire in home situation will put out the family until they may move back in. The fire cleanup will happen quickly to ensure the family is allowed to move back in to the house. Commercial fire damage may be much worse as the business cannot operate until it is repaired. This is an issue that require swift action in the fire cleanup, and it is possible that the fire will be repaired faster so that the business may begin to run again.

#2: How Far Does Fire Damage Go?

Fire in business problems are terrible to deal with as they leave people out of work, and there are many items that must be recovered. Fire in home problems will be repaired faster as the home is a much smaller space. The house may be brought back to life fairly quickly, and the homeowner will notice how simple it is to have their home returned to its original state. They must ask the mitigation company how they plan to do their work, and a business owner may be shown how long it will take until they get back on their feet.

#3: What Must Be Cleaned?

There are many things that must be cleaned including soot damage, smoke damage and the air quality in the building. There are quite a few people who will have a hard time breathing because of the soot damage and smoke damage, and the air quality may be tested in the house many times over. The house is to be cleaned and repaired in the same timeframe, and commercial fire damage must be managed in the same way, the building must be repaired, and its interior must be cleaned.

#4: Scrubbing The Building Clean

Fire in business and fire in home problems will require quite a lot of cleaning of all soot damage and smoke damage in the space. It will cling to everything in the building, and it will cause the building to smell terrible. The air quality will be quite poor, and it will remain that way until it has been tested. Continual tests will ensure that the building is safe to enter, and the fire in business problem is solved when customers may enter again.

Fire damage of fire in home and fire in business problems must be addressed today. Commercial fire damage and fire loss issues may be cleaned up, and the fire cleanup will address air quality, soot damage and smoke damage in the home. Business owner may call for help with commercial fire damage, and homeowners may call for fire damage or fire loss at the house. They will see the soot damage and smoke damage in front of them, and they may alter their air quality during the fire cleanup. Each step will solve fire loss or commercial fire damage soon. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Fire Loss and Cleanup in Englewood and Littleton CO

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Fire Loss and Cleanup in Englewood and Littleton CO

Colorado is a state that invites forest fires with small towns and acres of open land, and if a home is in its path, the home is destroyed. Fires are difficult to control and dangerous, whether they start with a careless cigarette tossed out of the window, a space heater or an out-of-control BBQ. If your home endures a partial loss or the entire house, there is a procedure to handling fire loss.

Colorado consists of smaller towns, and Englewood and Littleton are located on the south side of Denver, Colorado. Accidental fires can occur out of nowhere, so when a fire has happened in your home, be prepared to report the damage to your insurance company quickly. Soot damage, smoke damage, water damage from fire departments, and the total fire damage must be reported quickly.

This fire cleanup process is the same in every state and is referred to as remediation, which means stopping the environmental damage. To begin with, the water damage from fire department must be totally dried out because this prevents more water damage as well as mold and mildew, which is difficult to remove.

When the cleanup company is completely finished with the water, the fire cleanup of soot and smoke can begin. Often, soot damage and smoke damage are worse than the actual fire damage, so choose a professional, licensed cleanup company. The right company will test the air quality in the house, and when it is normal, allow the family to return. Testing the air quality is an important test that must be precise because it puts the health of the inhabitants at risk.

Here are seven tips to organize the next few days after a fire. Keep moving forward, and stick with the steps.

1) Contact your insurance company, and they will send out an adjuster immediately.
2) The National Fire Insurance Company has ICC-BVD forms and apps to assist the owner with the inventory. The internet or a gift registry can also be used to evaluate the prices.
3) Make a list/inventory of everything that was lost in the fire, including soot damage and smoke damage; list the replacement cost of each, not to exceed your policy.
4) Ask friends and family to help with the list.
5) Every situation is unique, but if you have outstanding issues, consult with the adjuster to arrange a negotiation for the total loss, and avoid the inventory. Be assertive. Write a letter to the company if necessary.
6) Remember, the adjuster is not a friend, he is providing a service for insurance. His job is to arrive at a price that saves his company money, and you want to receive the most for your lost possessions. Never rush for a quick settlement.
7) Soot, smoke, and water damage from fire will be included the cleanup, but you can preserve your personal belongings that were damaged.

If you have suffered from a fire in Englewood or Littleton, contact a professional, licensed cleanup company that will be able to handle all aspects of the fire loss. Visit for more information on fire damage.

How to Get Your House Back In Order After a Fire

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How to Get Your House Back In Order After a Fire

There are some homeowners and business owners in the Englewood and Littleton, Colorado areas that need to get services done to their home or business because of fire damage or water damage from fire. A fire is something that can be absolutely devastating to a family's home or business. If an individuals home or business has suffered from a fire, there will be many other issues that can cause problems. These issues can include the following: water damage from firefighting efforts, smoke damage, soot damage, and problems with air quality because of soot and smoke. Since such issues can be widespread throughout a home, it is imperative for a family to get in contact with a trusted commercial service that can come out and do a fire cleanup and a fire restoration.

When firefighters are called to a home or a business because of the fire, their first effort is to put out the fire and save all living beings inside of the home or business. These are very brave individuals that do the best work possible to save lives. After the fire has been put out, the house may be in complete and total disarray. Damage from fire, soot, or smoke is very common after there has been a fire. Problems with air quality can also be a big issue after a fire. Since these issues can have serious effects on a person's health, it is important for a company to come out and do a fire cleanup in order to repair things such as water damage from fire, soot damage, smoke and damage, and damage from flooding in the home.

A trusted fire and water cleanup and restoration company is a company that can come out and do 24-hour emergency service. After a family has established that everyone is safe, they need to know what to do after a fire. It is good for members of the home to limit movement in the home in order to prevent soot particles from getting into carpet and furniture. It is also wise to place clean towels or old linen on upholstery in high-traffic areas. Lastly, it is important to change the HVAC filter after a fire.

A trusted fire damage repair and restoration company will come out and inspect the fire damage in a home or business; they also will board up areas if it is needed. This trusted company will be able to do a safe water removal and they will be able to dry upholstery and carpet. This company will also be able to remove any smoke from all surfaces. Finally they will come in and do the cleaning repair and restoration.

No one wants to have to go through a house or business fire, but unfortunately, it is a reality that many individuals have had to face. Since that is the case, individuals and families that live in the Englewood or Littleton, Colorado area do well to get in contact with a trusted fire cleanup and fire restoration company. Visit for more information on fire damage.