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Do You Have Black Mold?

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

Brown water stain on white ceiling and molding, some of paint peeling back due to water damage Water stains in a Southglenn, CO building

When you unlock the doors to open your business for the day in Southglenn, CO, and suddenly get a strong whiff of a moldy smell, it doesn’t mean that it is time to panic. While mold can easily spread and requires extra work to eradicate, it is still fairly easy task. Although mold cleanup may not be a favorite job, it is a necessary one. Mold spores easily become airborne and find a new home to reproduce. When coming across the fungus, it is important to remember that are many types of variations of it. For many, a concern is black mold.

How Bad Is It?

Known as Stachybotrys chartarum in scientific circles, this type of mold is often hyped as toxic. While some variations can produce toxins, one can’t determine if mycotoxins are present just by looking at. Even if the mold looks black, that doesn’t necessary indicate the type of mold it is. It does indicate that it is time for mold cleanup.

How Can I Avoid Black Mold?

Prevention is the key to any kind of mold forming. These fungi loves damp, stable environments with bountiful nutrients. The following tips may help you avoid needing mold remediation:

  • Monitor areas prone to dampness. Look for persistent water stains, leaks and condensation areas that may attract mold.
  • If you find a damp area, immediately dry it since mold needs moisture to grow,
  • Efficient ventilation will keep air flowing properly throughout the business. This can help keep particles from building up that could become a mold habitat.
  • Humidity is a key culprit. Maintain moderate humidity levels.
  • Make regular maintenance and inspections a priority. From HVAC to gutter cleanings, these can deter spores from finding a new home.

While regular inspections and maintenance can deter the appearance of mold, sometimes things happen. If you do find mold and are worried that you may have black mold, contact a trusted professional.

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