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Successful Water Damage Restoration

8/16/2017 (Permalink)

Successful Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is one of the worst problems that a property owner can face. Often appearing benign, without prompt action, water damage can quickly cause structural compromise, mold formation and rotting of wood and drywall. And the severity of water damage is not always closely related to the amount of water. Just a few gallons of so-called black water from a pipe break or supply line break can render a space uninhabitable. Without the help of a professional restoration company, the property will often sustain severe flood damage and may even be condemned. That's why it's so important to quickly call the local professional restoration company.

The good news is that, with quick action, a professional restoration company can almost always accomplish a successful restoration of the property to its prior state. The most important thing that any property owner who has experienced a supply line break or a pipe break can do is to immediately call the local restoration company.

The flood damage restoration and mitigation team will arrive quickly

Many property owners are amazed at the speed with which the flood damage restoration and mitigation team arrives on site. The flood damage mitigation company knows that a water damage event is the real estate equivalent of a serious medical emergency. They will act accordingly, often getting to the scene in under 15 minutes.

Once on scene, the restoration and mitigation team will immediately begin assessing the extend of the water in the home or water in the business. If the flooded home has an active supply line break or pipe break, the water cleanup team will quickly seal it off, preventing further damage. If any water in the home or water in the business has managed to seep into areas that are out of view, the water cleanup team will detect and note those locations of potential damage through the use of sophisticated detection equipment.

The water cleanup team will begin the removal of standing water

Next, the water cleanup team will break out the heavy machinery. Any standing water in the home or water in the business will be removed through the use of heavy-duty pumping and vacuum equipment. This process will usually take less than one hour. By completion, there will be no additional standing water in the home or water in the business. At this stage, the property may appear to be restored. However, there will still be a great deal of work to do. It is important to note than only a professional team can handle the proper removal of water from a flooded home. Without professionals on the job, the chances that there will be water left in the flooded home that will later cause extensive damage is very high.

The drying process begins

Once all of the standing water has been removed from the flooded home or business, the drying process can begin. One of the most important aspects of the drying process is making sure that any site around the main supply line break or pipe break does not contain hidden water. This is a primary source of rot, mold formation and structural compromise.

The home will be dried with huge, powerful and sophisticated drying equipment, which is capable of raising the temperature of surfaces to just under the flash point. This is the longest step in the restoration process. Once complete, the home or business will no longer be at any risk of incurring further damage. Now, all that will be left to do is the final cleanup.

Cleansing and disinfecting all surfaces

The final stage in the cleanup process is the disinfecting and cleansing of all furniture, fixtures and surfaces within the property. This will guard against future mold formation as well as preventing the formation of odors. Upon completion, the property will be restored to its prior state, as if nothing ever happened.
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