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Best Storm Remediation Tips

9/28/2017 (Permalink)

Best Storm Remediation Tips

Many people hear the term storm damage and think about things like replacing broken windows and taking care of flooding in a kitchen. This simple term actually relates to a number of different types of issues that can relate to:

-roof damage
-hurricane damage
-wind damage
-hail damage
-ice damage

Different types of storms can cause different types of damage. Some may need water restoration help to combat river flooding and frozen pipes that burst, while others will need home restoration methods to deal with a roof leak or a roof repair. The top storm restoration methods used by professionals will vary based on the storm damage seen.

Damage Caused by Flooding

Damage caused by flooding and flood water can occur because large amounts of rain fell and led to water overflowing from local lakes and rivers. That water can mix with any ground water it encounters and bring a significant amount of water inside. A flood pump allows professionals to remove any ground water inside the building. As a water restoration method, a flood pump can remove any flood water that the permanent pump the owner previously used missed.

Hail Damage

Hail damage is one of the leading causes of roof damage in the United States. This type of wind damage can bring balls that range in size from roughly the same size as a marble to the size of a golf ball or even tennis ball that all cause roof damage. Significant hail damage can occur because of balls the size of softballs falling out of the sky. In the same way many homes need a roof repair after hurricane damage, many will also need a roof repair because of hail. A roof leak that forms may require that the owners get water restoration like renting a flood pump to remove water that came through the roof leak. They may need home restoration work to fix warped floors and damaged walls too.

Ice Damming in Winter

The two more common types of storm damage that can occur during the cooler months of winter are ice damming that can cause serious roof damage and frozen pipes. An ice dam is essentially a channel of ice that forms on a roof, while frozen pipes can occur whenever the temperature drops. Some may see an ice dam on a gutter or ice damming forming along multiple parts of the gutter system. As the ice keeps freezing and thawing, it worsens the ice dam and can cause serious ice damage. Frozen pipes can happen in the winter. While some might wait to deal with ice damage like ice damming or frozen until spring, ice damage can cause even more problems when left alone.

Storm Remediation for All Types of Storm Damage

River flooding, hurricane damage and wind damage are just some of the issues that the owners of properties need to worry about. While a roof leak can lead to some roof damage, river flooding can bring so much ground water and flood water inside that residents cannot live there for days or longer. Hurricane damage is just one type of damage that can cause a roof leak, river flooding and some wind damage all at the same time. Storm restoration professionals know that local property owners may need some storm remediation help or a combination of home restoration and water restoration due to flooding.

Some of the top reasons to call for storm remediation, storm restoration or home restoration include reducing the risk of further problems caused by:

-river flooding
-roof damage
-hurricane damage
-ice damming and other types of ice damage
-damage such as hail damage, wind damage and hurricane damage

A flood pump is just one tool that storm remediation professionals can use to remove both ground water and different types of flood water. They can also perform a roof repair, remove an ice dam, repair any type of storm damage and offer storm restoration and water restoration methods as part of a full storm remediation plan.
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